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Blue Light Protection

You are putting your eyes at risk of blue light damage?

Everyone is exposed to some form of blue light on a daily basis,smart phones, computers, and even the lights in our homes and offices. But do you know the risks it can pose to your visual health?

What is blue light?
Blue light is part of the spectrum of light wavelengths that are detectable by the human eye. It has a very short wavelength and falls within the boundaries of UV light, so is sometimes referred to as part of UVA radiation.

Where can it be found?
Blue light is constantly present as part of the atmosphere but is more concentrated in certain artificial light sources.

Most modern technology and energy-saving devices, especially lightbulbs, all emit blue light of varying amounts. So you are being exposed to it every day through your computers, tablets, smartphones and flat screen televisions.

Homes and offices are now often lit by fluorescent strip lighting. This is another considerable source of blue light and can contribute to related eye damage.

What effect does blue light have on my eyes?
In small quantities, blue light is thought to help boost feelings of wellbeing. However, increased and sustained exposure can have serious effects on your vision.

Large amounts of blue light damage the retina, and over time this can affect the clarity of image.The retina is found at the back of the eye and is the part that focuses the images you see.

Blue light also damages the macula, in the centre of the eye, which means that eyesight becomes blurry. This is the start of a condition known as macular degeneration.

How can I reduce the harmful effects of blue light on my eyes?
It is as important to protect your eyes from blue light, as it is to protect from UVA and UVB rays. Limiting unnecessary technology usage can be extremely beneficial to your eyes. Prolonged computer use, in particular, contributes to eye strain as well as accelerating any damage to the back of the eye.

We at 2020Vision can effectively help to filter out blue light with our range of lenses that incorporate the latest technology.

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