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Your lenses will be completely tailored to your requirements for the ultimate bespoke experience

When it comes to creating new eyewear, the main purpose is obviously to improve your vision. Whilst this can be easily achieved with particular lens types, there are also other factors that contribute to the comfort and suitability of your new eyewear, and that’s where we can help.

If you require new glasses after your eye examination with us, you’ll be invited to answer a short questionnaire. This is designed to understand more about your lifestyle – particularly whether you often participate in activities like driving, reading, or using handheld electronics or computer screen – in order to recommend the best type of lenses for you, for example blue light protection (Prevencia).

However, we will also take into account your specific facial measurements and dimensions, including the distance between your eyes, to ensure that the lenses we create are perfect for you.

Your new lenses will be created by a selection of local and national lens companies, such as Essilor and Waterside laboratories. So you can rest assured that they will be so well tailored to you and your needs that no one else will have exactly the same lenses as you. We think you would be hard pushed to find a better service than that!

Here at 2020 Vision, we specialise in different types of varifocal lenses, but are also able to supply standard single vision and transitions lenses too, so you can choose the option that’s perfect for you.

For more information about the lens options available to you, or to book an appointment with us, please call us at our Park Gate practice on 01489 573300 or our Gosport practice on 02392 584198.